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Love Quotes


“Yesterday I was going through her street, what should I tell, what was passing on me.”

“This is the way of the world, which will be broken by you, it will be broken.

“The day is spent in the works of others, and the night is in your memories.”

“Sometimes some people act like they want to give on their face very hard very hard.”

“Nowadays people take advantage of the distance and tell the compulsions.”

“If I just walk, I will look at you with mascara, never mind my eyes.”

About Love Quotes 


“Sometimes people say something like this, we are reminded of you.”

“You are more important than my cigarette call, how can I say you are different?”

“The distance will become so big, it is realized after coming close.”

“Every day is the reason for getting angry, maybe someone else likes them.”

“We love the way of not liking you.”

“I named the moment that was mine. I named the story that was mine. The words that belonged to her, they got their names. They kept themselves in the sun, shade them.”

Love Quotes For Him


What is the coincidence of Nazar and Naseeb, friends, Nazar likes only that which is not in luck !! ..

You have written your name in such a way that if someone finds your name… even then the heart beats….

Just like you have touched my soul talk, yet it is reassuring to kiss the forehead ..! ..

“That picture became yours, that my heart started beating again, I loved you again, I loved this love again.”

Seeing the face, the heart never stopped, yes, smile but you have killed me many times ..! ..

“We are waiting for his call, my heart only says his name.”

Romantic Love Quotes


“Ever since I came to know that you are happy, I do not let the misery wander close to myself.”

“Life is imprisoned, I want to be free, you have met my destiny, I want to be with you.”

“May life for your sake also strike me, you should ride the mile yourself and kill myself if you don’t get it.”

“For his laughter, let us die, it’s our only condition, there should be no tears in his eyes.”

“Don’t know why he was crying and tears came out of us, he was hurt but the pain was on us.”

“Had kept the heart for years, didn’t even know when it was stolen.”

Heart Touching Love Quotes


“I want to do everything for you, tell me how much you die to me?”

If Mohabbat were on one side, then perhaps why is it because of love, I am in love with you here, you ask me why this is so much love to you, before this, tell yourself why you love me.

I love you, do not understand me, do not forget, you forget me, I think it is empty.

They stay one night in 7 days, when you sleep with me, even in that, then I know I will regret it a lot.
What is the love that ends in a few years, what is it that we as humans, cry for our loved one.

I am happy to be with you, which I have not told anyone, trust me, close my eyes and walk with you.

Do not grow so close that the relationship changes with the slightest distance and do not stay so far that the relationship may not be formed.

Short True Love Quotes


Should have known, neither would we have asked, we would have given you happiness, in the same way, we blow a little smoke everyday

If there is any limit in love, it will be immense.

Love snatches a lot no one was comfortable with me

People’s intentions are not clear even in prayer, I was expecting too much in love.

Some people are unable to learn even by being together.

The face that I saw in my thoughts, it looks like that. Even though you are among humans, you look like an angel.

Short- Love-Quotes

The beginning of doing something in life starts with dreaming.

I think they have to cry on something, Who made us cry without saying anything.

Foggy – Every memory that was associated with you has been blurred but I have not forgotten everything you said.

What did the sun set the day sheet on? Chandni made you remember her so much.
Habits are still the same which was not accepted by you, But when I write something on you, This is a little compliment.

We spent every single moment with you, even after you.

The noise of hearts is heard whenever we both pass silently close to each other II

He ignored us according to our calculations, when we do, we will do unaccounted for II.